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GETPRO Shower Doors 68-72” W x 79” H with Soft Closing 3/8" Clear Tempered Glass, Double Sliding Glass Shower Door Frameless Aluminium Alloy Hardware Matt Black

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GETPRO Frameless Glass Shower Door,Breaking Limits of the Frame, More Attractive Visual Impression,Show Your Exquisite Lifestyle.


The Mission of GETPRO Shower Door is to Create a Comfortable Shower Space for Your Free Life.


1. GETPRO Shower Door Model Size: 68-72 inch Width x 79 inch Height,Walk-in height: 73 inch, 3-7 inch Extra Higher Than Others.


2. GETPRO Shower Door is Matte Black Finish,Classic and Ultramodern Design.


3. GETPRO Shower Door is Made of Tempered Crystal Glass Covered with Tranparent Explosion-proof Film,Shatterproof for Safety.


4. GETPRO Frameless Sliding Shower Door is Perfect No Matter for Spacious Space or Small Bathroom.


GETPRO Glass Shower Door With Frameless & Double Sliding. Providing the Most Smoothly, Effortless, Quietly Sliding Operation.



Ultramodern & Minimalism Frameless Designed Shower Door, Redefine Your Bathroom, Relex to Enjoy Your Shower Time Freely.

1. GETPRO Frameless Glass Shower Door Will Makes Your Bathroom Comfortable and Brighter,More Attractive Visual Impression.


2. GETPRO Double Sliding Shower Door is Reversible,Bypass From Left or Right,More Convenice for Limited Space.


3. GETPRO Shower Door Allows Up to 4 inch Width Adjustment by Trimming the Top Track Rail.


4. GETPRO Shower Door Build-in With Exclusive Newest Soft Closing System and Upgraded Anti-Jumping Function.


GETPRO Black Shower Door Build-in With Newest Exclusive Heavy Duty Soft Closing System.



GETPRO Shower Door Will be Your Reliable Choice.


The Newest Exclusive Soft Closing System of GETPRO Shower Door is Sliding to Close By Smart Automatic Anti-collision Braking Buffer devices, Provides Smoothly, Effortlessly, Quietly Gliding Operation.

1. The Soft Closing is Reversiblely Running With Top Rail, Exclusive Technology.


2. Closing Softly to Prevent Impacting or Clamping to Hurt.


3. Extends GETPRO Shower Door Lifetime AND Safety.


GETPRO Black Shower Door Upgraged Anti-jumping System Ensures the Sliding to Be More Safety.


GETPRO Shower Door is The Combination of Quality Materials and Technological Innovations.


1. This Glass Shower Door is 3/8 inch Thick Tempered Crystal Glass,Heavier and Thicker Glass for Extra Stability & Safety & Durability.


2. The Top Track Rail of Double Sliding Shower Door is Made of Ultra Sturdy Aluminum Alloy,1.2 inch W x 2.8 inch H, Thicker and Sturdier Enough to Withstand Bending and Deformation.


3. Sliding Rollers of GETPRO Glass Shower Door are Made of Stainless Steel, Anti-rust and Durable,Diameter is 2-9/16 Inch,Extra Large to Create More Smooth & Effortless & Noiseless & Safe Operation.


4. Upgraded Anti-Jumping is A Perfect Innovative Function,to Ensure SIiding Rollers are Gliding with Top Rail all the time For Safety, NO Worry About Running Off the Rail. What A Smart Sliding Glass Shower Door.


GETPRO Shower Door is Easy to Clean & Maintenance With Water Repellent & Watertight Function.


The Surface of This Glass Shower Door is Covered by Protective Nano Coating,Repeling Shower Water and Contaminates, Protecting Glass Shower Door Against Stain, And the Glasses Will Maintain High Glossy, Bright, Tranparency and Clean as New Even Long-lasting Useage.


The Bearing Capacity of GETPRO Shower Door is 340LBS Max,Tested On Main Wall, Ultra Sturdy Enough To Sliding Glass Shower Door Easily.



GETPRO Shower Door Focus On Creating High-quality Bathing Space.



GETPRO Glass Shower Door Believes Bedetail Determine Quality.


1. High Quality Sides & Bottom Seal Strips and Threshold Well Prevent Water spills,No Leaking to Make Your Bathroom Clean and Tidy All the Time.

2. The Handles are Made of Stainless Steel,Length 20-2/3 inches,Fixing horizontally to Push Softly and Easily. Dual Function as Towel Rack.