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GETPRO is a professional home furnishing manufacturer that brings affordability, design, and comfort to people All over the world. We have warehouse in Dallas TX for guarantee our customers get the parcel within 2-4days after placing the order.

Our company

Since 2020, all industries have been severely hit by the covid-19. After we analyzed the entire market and the company’s future development, we gradually realized that establishing overseas warehouses would be a direction to promote GETPRO's further development. So We built our own overseas warehouses in 2020, exhibition halls, and the first batch of goods in the United States , so that we can better improve the logistics and delivery timeliness issues caused by the epidemic. On the basis of overseas warehouses, we also cooperated with more Of furniture manufacturers to show some more competitive and innovative products to customers. With the strong relationships we have built with our partners, we will easy to provide best home decor service to happy our customers. Of course, this is not all, our warehouse in the UK is also in preparation.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 2-4days fastest shipping guarantee
  • Local Dallas warehouse


GETPRO wants every customer to fall in love in their house through choose multiple series products with faster and convenient way by us


Our vision remains the same: to create a professional, safety and better everyday life for many people and this has been the foundation of our growth.

New In !

Our latest collection is a combination of our designer's vision and our technical experts invention; nothing could be important than safety-----that's why we bring laminated glass in shower door

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Our Special Products

Safety Shower Door

with Laminated Glass

It is produced by bonding two layers of tempered glasses together with a plastic layer. If the glass is dealt with with a high-intensity impact, the glass does not break into small pieces but will keep the same shape, as usual, to avoid injury accidents.

LED Mirror

with separate dimmable touch control

It is fit most of the space, it easy to decorative in all different living areas, it's a wonderful lighted mirror to your bedroom, living room, guest house, gallery wall, foyer, hallway, entryway etc. Dressing up your place become more luxury and fashion!

Bed Frame

with headboard and footboard

Finished with matte black powder coating mix with comfortable touch sturdy steel framework, not only add a decorative touch, but also rich your bedroom in vintage style

Bathtub Collection

with Ergonomic Streamlining design

Turn your ordinary bathroom into a relaxing spa and sink deep into the premium luxury of our freestanding bathtub