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GETPRO Farmhouse Sink 33X20 Fireclay White Kitchen Sink with Workstation Single Bowl Farm Sink Apron Front Single Bowl Modern Sink with Luxury Bottom Grid and Kitchen Sink Drain

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GETPRO Glossy White Undermount Kitchen Sink with Workstation


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Top Craft Modern White Kitchen Sink 33 X 20 Drop in Kitchen Sink Single Bowl

GETPRO single bowl white kitchen sink with workstation is made from natural materials FIRECLAY. Upgrade your kitchen space today with our durable and modern kitchen sink! The solid core construction makes the GETPRO fireclay kitchen sink superior strengthened and durable enough to withstand heavy use, it is highly resistant to impact, thermal shock, crack, and scratch. Our kitchen sinks are built for a lifetime!

Our fireclay top mount kitchen sink has a classic, modern look that can complement various kitchen styles, from traditional to modern. This stylish design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen decor.

Our drop in workstation kitchen sink with cutting board and dish dryer rack is designed with a deep single basin, creating a spacious workstation. You can wash your pots and dishes easily without splashing around inside this white kitchen sink. GETPRO practical commercial drop-in kitchen sink creates a new stylish farmhouse sink looking for a luxurious life!

Our White Topmount Kitchen Sink 33-Inch with Workstation Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Undermount Kitchen Sink is Your Smart Choice for Kitchen Remodeling.


GETPRO Workstation Kitchen Sink Designed with Dual Mount Types of Installation Methods


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Workstation Kitchen Sink 33 inch White Kitchen Sink Drop In Undermount or Topmount Kitchen Sink Dual Mount Fireclay Sink Single Bowl

GETPRO white workstation sink design with under mount and top mount dual installation methods, which it easy to match any material of countertops. The top mount kitchen sink mounting edge is 1.5” wide, which supports the weight of the fireclay kitchen sink up to 380 LBS, and makes this kitchen sink easy to drop in into the existing countertop cutout. The under-mount kitchen sink installation creates a seamless style, making your kitchen more elegant and easy to keep in perfect condition.

GETPRO white kitchen sink dual mount kitchen sink is easy to complements any kitchen decorative style. You can choose your preference based on your kitchen remodeling.


100% Fireclay Farmhouse Sink 33X20 with Workstation Drop-in Farm Sink Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink


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GETPRO Undermount Farmhouse Sink 33 X 20 Made of High Quality Material of TRUE Fireclay Kitchen Sink with Workstation

GETPRO white farmhouse sink with workstation is super glossy and smooth, enameled with ultra-fine Italy glaze in high technology, The thick porcelain glaze is generously durable and sturdy, which can resist high temperatures, scratches, and stains. GETPRO fireclay single bowl kitchen sink will NOT color fade or yellowish for decades. Our fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink can keep as pure white as new over decades of heavy-duty kitchen tasks!


  • High Glossy Straight Smooth Wall: Solid-fired fireclay makes this white kitchen sink 33X20 with a pure glossy white color. GETPRO drop-in kitchen sink single bowl with workstation will be the centerpiece of your kitchen;
  • Better Bottom Slope Design: The bottom of this single-bowl kitchen sink 33 inches flat with a step-less slope towards the center. This single-bowl undermount kitchen sink will make sure all dishes can stand sturdy without sliding. And will help the standing water flow without clogging;
  • Easy to Clean: With the ultra-smooth surface, plus the R10 rounded corner, the GETPRO glossy white undermount farmhouse kitchen sink with workstation is super easy to clean. Just clean this white farmhouse sink with soapy water or a simple whipping, wasted food and liquid will be easily off;


GETPRO White Kitchen Sink 33X 20 Single Bowl Undermount Bar Sink with Workstation


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Ultra-Fine High Technology Glazed Surface Fireclay Drop in Kitchen Sink Single Bowl Workstation Sink

GETPRO Solid core fireclay construction white farmhouse sink 33x20 allows for perfectly even glaze application, preventing cracking and crazing, resistance to high temperatures and damage, acids, and common household chemicals. All ensure the fireclay undermount kitchen sink 33 inches durable and long-lasting. Each GETPRO undermount white kitchen sink is a handmade work of art from nature by skilled craftsmen with more than 15 years of experience.


Workstation Sink Design


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Solid Core Construction Quality- Drop In Kitchen Sink Topmount or Undermount Kitchen Sink Fireclay Sink Single Bowl White Sink For Kitchen


GETPRO takes functionality to a whole new level fireclay farmhouse sink with workstation, the sliding build-in accessory kit cutting board and roll-up dish drying rack easily your kitchen task, which converts your kitchen sink into a full-fledged workspace. Our 33 inch workstation kitchen sink undermount with clean lines and a smooth overhanging ledge around the white workstation sink, makes this kitchen sink look simple and contemporary and fits for any modern or traditional kitchen.

This white workstation sinks with a single-tier track-overhanging ledge around the front and back and acts as a track for sliding the built-in accessories. Easy to place cutting boards, and drying racks.


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GETPRO white farmhouse sink with workstation comes with a high-end customized whole-package accessory kit

  • Stainless Steel Bottom Grid: The bottom grid protects your farm sink and dishes from scratches and breaking. And it also keeps dishes elevated for faster drying.
  • Anti-rust Sink Strainer: Our white workstation sink is also designed with a standard 3-1/2" drain opening, fast drain, and prevents blockage, the sink strainer comes with a stopper cover, which can help you stop the water when you wash, while the basket helps to keep pieces of food and debris from entering your drain, prevent plumbing clogs and it's easy to fit any brand of garbage device.
  • Roll-up Dish Drying Rack: A drying rack with a steel core and silicone coating is great for drying dishes & rinsing products over the workstation sink, Holds more than 90 lbs. for dishwasher safety, and rolls up for easy storage.
  • Bamboo Cutting Board: This white kitchen sink with cutting board helps to save counter space when you use a workstation cutting board to chop right over the white kitchen sink. Easy to clean, not prone to cracking or warping.