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GETPRO Farmhouse Sink 30 Inch Fireclay Farm Black Kitchen Sink Apron Front Large Deep Porcelain Single Bowl with Modern Style Protective Bottom Grid and Kitchen Sink Drain

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GETPRO Fireclay farmhouse sink 30 inch is timeless and stylish in classic style. Made of Italy 100% True Fireclay and high temperature fired up to 2800F for 48 hours, the farmhouse kitchen sink is incredibly durable. Difference from the hollow ceramic sink, our farm sink 30 inch wall is thick and heavy weight. No worry about scratching, cracking, staining, and chipping! GETPRO 30 inch farmhouse sink single bowl fits well into the modernizing of your kitchen. It will last decades of use keeping glossy black as new for heavy-duty kitchen tasks!

GETPRO White Farmhouse Sink 30-Inch Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Single Bowl Undermount Farm Sink is your smart choice for kitchen remodeling.


GETPRO Fireclay Sink 30 inch Classic Farmhouse Style and Beautiful Looks.


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 Ultra-Fine High Technology Glazed Surface Fireclay Apron Sink 30 "

Enameled with ultra-fine Italy glaze in high technology, GETPRO balck farmhouse sink is super glossy and smooth. And the thick porcelain glaze is generously durable and sturdy, which can resist high temperatures, scratches, and stains. The fireclay kitchen sink will NOT color fade or yellowish for decades. Our balck fireclay apron front farmhouse sink can keep as pure black as new over decades of heavy-duty kitchen tasks!


  • High Glossy Straight Smooth Wall: Solid-fired fireclay makes this farmhouse apron straight with pure glossy balck color. It will be the centerpiece of your kitchen;
  • Better Bottom Slope Design: The bottom of the farmhouse sink 30 inch is flat with a step-less slope towards the center. This will make sure all dishes can stand sturdy without sliding. And will help the standing water flow without clogging;
  • Easy to Clean: With the ultra-smooth surface, plus the R10 rounded corner, the GETPRO farmhouse kitchen sink is super easy to clean. Just clean this farm sink with soapy water or a simple whipping, wasted food and liquid will be easily off;


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GETPRO Farmhouse Sink 30 Inch Made of High Quality Material of TRUE Fireclay, Which Makes Balck Kitchen Sink More Durable.

● GETPRO farmhouse sink is MADE OF TRUE FIRECLAY ONLY. We select the purest ultra-fine fireclay mines all over the world. Rigorous testing of fireclay minerals is the most important quality control process.

● GETPRO apron sink 30 inch firing twice, the first is low-fired for shape, after hand-glazed firing for over 48 hours in the kiln at 2800° Fahrenheit(TURE FIRECLAY maximum temperature).

● Abrasive GLAZE imported from Italy combines GETPRO Exclusive enameled technology to appear ultra-hard,non-porous, smooth, glossy surface.

● GETPRO balck farmhouse sink is a combined result of traditional and modern advanced technology.

Our 30 inch farmhouse sink is designed with flat bottom gently sloped toward to the center drain. The flat bottom of the apron sink ensures the dishes or wine cups stand sturdy without any slipping. But the slightly declined bottom-to-center drain makes chasing stuff easier and prevents the farm sink from pooling. Thanks to R20 easy-to-clean rounded corner, this single-bowl kitchen sink is super easy to clean.


GETPRO Farmhouse Sink 30 Inch Made of TRUE Fireclay, NOT ceramics.


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The solid core construction makes the GETPRO fireclay apron farm sink 30 inch superior strengthen and durable to withstand heavy use, which is highly resistant to impact, thermal shock, crack, and scratch. Our balck fireclay farmhouse undermount kitchen sink are built for a lifetime last!


GETPRO Fireclay Farmhouse Sink 30 inch Includes a 304 Stainless Steel Bottom Grid and a Sink Drain.

GETPRO farmhouse sink comes with a high-end customized stainless steel bottom grid and sink strainer. The bottom grid protects your farm sink and dishes from scratches and breaking. And it also keeps dishes elevated for faster drying. The kitchen sink drain helps filter waste food and prevent clogs.