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GETPRO Farmhouse Sink 24 Inch Fireclay Farm White Kitchen Sink Apron Front Large Deep Porcelain Single Bowl with Modern Style Protective Bottom Grid and Kitchen Sink Drain

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GETPRO is a brand dedicated to providing design, production, and sales of household kitchen sink products. Through cutting-edge technology and professional production lines, European-introduced design and craftsmanship provide every family with high-quality home product services. This is a classic, elegant, high-quality fireclay farm house style kitchen sink that will help you easily create your ideal kitchen.

Defined your kitchen remodeling project with GETPRO timeless farmhouse style undermount kitchen sink white apron front sink, which combined classic elements with sleek lines and a smooth apron front kitchen sink, creating a striking kitchen centerpiece with a definitively modern appearance. The high-gloss porcelain glaze makes this apron farm sink for kitchen indestructible enamel finish easily stands up to heavy-duty kitchen tasks and is stain resistant, the ultra-smooth surface of the fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink resists dirt and grime, and this undermount kitchen sink extremely easy to clean.


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GETPRO white farmhouse sink 24 inch made from Italian true FIRECLAY, a special clay that's fired at a high temperature 2600 °F for strength and durability, makes this farm sink 24 inch solid core construction for heavy-duty use, sound absorbing, scratch resistant and the glaze will not change over years, always keep beauty and reliable performance. Elegant super glossy white makes this apron sink will be the centerpiece of any kitchen. This white kitchen sink build to last, can be durable for decades.


Premium Quality 24 inch Farmhouse Sink



GETPRO solid fireclay farmhouse sink allows for perfectly even glaze application, preventing cracking and crazing, and resistance to high temperatures and damage, acids, and common household chemicals. All ensure the apron front kitchen sink is durable and long-lasting. Each farm sink 24 inch is a handmade work of art from nature by skilled craftsmen with more than 20 years of experience.


Big Volume Large Capacity Single Bowl Fireclay Apron Kitchen Sink 30 "

GETPRO big-capacity Apron farmhouse sink 24-inch width with straight sidewalls and easy-to-clean round corner creates a generous workspace, deep undermount kitchen sink drop in size 24 x 18 x 10 inches. We enlarge apron sink single basin for more wider and deeper, which can hold up large tableware and kitchenware with ease, ideal for washing your largest cookware, This single bowl farmhouse sink huge size can helps you feeling flesh to handle all kinds of heavy-duty kitchen tasks, No more worry about your kitchen workstation don't have enough space.


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GETPRO farmhouse sink 24 inch with accessory kit which included customized 304 stainless steel bottom grid and sink strainer, no need to purchase separately. This 24 inch farm sink customized bottom grid fits perfectly, helpful to filter water and prevent possible hit damage, the support capacity is up to 120LBS. Strainer is a necessity for a stopper or garbage disposal unit.