Are Frameless Shower Doors Safe?

  • Apr 02, 2022
  • By Getpro Direct

Frameless glass shower doors is a pretty addition to any bathroom. They help save space and can be customized to your desired shape and size. However, you might wonder if it is actually safe to use a glass door in a bathroom.


This is also what bothers most homeowners who are considering about installing frameless glass shower doors. It’s in fact not surprising because there’s the risk of one day ending up with shattered glass pieces in the bathroom.


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Many people worry that a shower glass door may explode if it gets a minor crack. They also worry that a tiny side fracture to the door can make it crack within a few hours or days as the glass is to lots of heat before its installation. Actually, the heating process make the glass resistant to any form of direct force.


People advocate that a glass door with a border or boundary is a stronger and safer option for the bathroom. However, this is not what experts say. Yes, they do agree that frameless shower enclosures may break, crack or shatter with use.


However, the risk is actually not higher than that on any other glass door. Any glass door may break, and pose the risk of ending up with glass shards that may hurt your feet.


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How Glass Shower Doors are Made?


It should be noted that the glass used for frameless shower doors is not ordinary glass. It is tempered glass, which is stronger and thicker than ordinary glass. This is how and why it reduces injury risks if broken, and makes a better choice for bathrooms.


The glass goes through an extensive manufacturing process. It is first heated and then cooled, which makes the glass stronger. However, this also means that a crack on any part can cause the entire sheet to break.


There however is good news in case the glass does break. As it is tempered, and not ordinary glass, it disintegrates into many small, oval-shaped pieces without sharp edges. They are unlike the normal glass which integrates into sharp and dangerous glass pieces. In short, the chances of a person getting hurt if a tempered frameless glass door breaks are quite low.


Prevention is Always Better than Cure

Prevention is always better than cure and it applies here with frameless glass doors too. The best way to enjoy the beauty of frameless shower enclosures, and avoid any injuries is with proper care and maintenance.

This means that you should


  • Be careful while opening and closing these shower doors
  • Not slam the door at all
  • Never hit the glass door with a sharp or heavy object
  • Have some ground rules about behavior around the shower enclosure with your kids


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Pros And Cons Of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

It’s safe to say that frameless doors are the more stylish option in most consumers’ minds right now. Homeowners choose a frameless walk-in shower enclosure because:


They are available in various design options: You can select from a broad variety of design styles for your frameless glass shower door. A frameless shower door provides several styles, sizes and configurations. Frameless doors don’t use metal frames, but you could add metal hinges or handles. You could also have a semi-frameless shower door, with metal enclosures on the top or around the sides.

They offer a wide range of motion: The hinges for your frameless pivot shower door swing the door both outward and inward. With this feature, you can open your frameless pivot shower door from any direction. This is a departure from the opening limitations of framed shower doors.

They are easier to maintain: The lack of frame makes cleaning a frameless shower door far easier than a framed glass door. The crevices in a frame might collect soap scum and moisture over time. A frameless shower door will carry less of this grimy debris. Along with cleaning, the parts of a frameless glass shower door are easier to replace. With framed doors, you need to order replacement parts from the original manufacturer. You can order replacement parts for frameless shower doors from many different manufacturers. There are also fewer components to worry about in a frameless glass shower door.

They emphasize the design features of the rest of your bathroom: One of the greatest benefits of frameless shower doors is how they influence your bathroom. These doors make bathrooms feel more spacious and airy. They also place a greater emphasis on other design styles in your bathroom. With frameless shower doors, for example, you can draw attention to your stonework or marble tiles that frames or shower curtains hide.

Given all of these beneficial features, keep in mind the following drawbacks of frameless shower doors:


The price: Frameless shower doors tend to cost more than framed shower doors.

The instability: They also aren’t quite as stable as framed glass shower doors. Often, the glass used for frameless shower doors is thicker. While your frameless shower door is safe, the thick, unprotected glass is less stable than a framed glass door.

The complicated installation: The installation of your frameless glass door depends on the type of shower you have. Proper glass door installation maintains the clean look and safety of a door. Professional contractors need to drill certain tile materials to set up the hinges. Make sure you have the right setup before falling in love with a frameless door.




I’m renovating my apartment bathroom next month, and I was thinking of having glass shower doors installed instead of leaving our curtains on. It’s good that you mentioned how frameless shower doors usually use tempered glass since they’re thicker and stronger than standard ones which help reduce the risks of injuries due to broken glass. I’ll take note of this while I look for a glass company to call soon for my shower door installation.

By Anna Collins

Aug 25, 2022


It’s great that you mentioned that cleaning a frameless shower door is much simpler than a framed glass door because there is no frame. This week, I plan to install a new frameless shower door in my son’s bathroom. To do that, I would need to talk to a specialist who can assist me. I appreciate the information on selecting frameless shower doors, and I’m hoping to discover a reputable company for my home.

By Mats Wolff

Aug 23, 2022


This week, I plan to install a new frameless glass shower in my son’s bathroom. To do that, I would need to talk to a specialist who can assist me. I like how you noted that cleaning a frameless shower door is much simpler than a framed glass door because there is no frame. I appreciate the post on safety and frameless shower doors, and I’m hoping to find a reputable company for my home.

By Mats Wolff

Aug 23, 2022


It’s good to know that frameless doors offer a wide range of motion. I’m thinking about getting new shower doors for my home. I’d love to get some that are frameless.

By Eve Mitchell

Aug 23, 2022

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