Mirrors & Medicine Cabinets, which combination is more suitable for your home?

  • Aug 18, 2022

The bathroom area is generally small, and the key to fully using the bathroom is to use the facade space. The mirror in front of the vanity is the key to utilizing the bathroom space.


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A single mirror is not enough for storage, and the medicine cabinet can solve the problem of messy desks. However, some owners think that the smart LED mirror in the toilet is more beautiful, and they will not meet. For the entanglement of these choices, we have compiled some content.

Next, let's consider choosing a cabinet or a mirror:


1. The advantages and disadvantages of mirrored cabinets/mirrors and their suitability for families.


① the advantages and disadvantages of lighted medicine cabinets:

Advantages, you can install the storage cabinet to put the toiletries on the desktop the cabinet, and the clean and transparent visual effect can enlarge the space and facilitate cleaning.

The disadvantage is that you have to switch it every time you take something, which is more troublesome!


② the medicine cabinet is suitable for families:

If there are a lot of bottles and cans piled on the washbasin, it is recommended to install cabinets. It can also install the medicine cabinet in bathrooms without dry and wet separation, avoiding problems such as wet toiletries.


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③ the advantages and disadvantages of mirrors:

Advantages, the choice of mirror styles is more.

The disadvantage, can not store items.


④ the mirror is suitable for families:

You can use mirrors for families with a large bathroom area, fewer storage needs, or the pursuit of individual beauty.


2. the choice of medicine cabinet


The opening methods of mirrored cabinets are diversified, and you can choose according to your usage habits, needs, and space patterns.

Fully enclosed medicine cabinet
②Single door medicine cabinet
③Semi-open medicine cabinet


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④smart medicine cabinet:

Now all kinds of household items are becoming more intelligent. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose a smart lighted cabinet. In addition to meeting daily lighting and storage functions, it also has functions such as lamps, anti-fog, and charging.


3. How to open and close the medicine cabinet door.

The open type of the mirror cabinet mainly includes the flat opening, push-pull, upper opening, etc. You can select the appropriate opening and closing method for the bathroom area and personal usage habits. 


4. Precautions for medicine cabinet installation.


① mirror cabinet size:

The width of the mirror cabinet is generally divided into 23.6", 27.6" and 31.5", and the height is between 23.7"-31.5". The installation effect is usually that the width of the mirror cabinet is smaller than the width of the desktop or the same as the width of the desktop.


② medicine cabinet thickness:

Generally between 4.8"-7.9", too thick will easily cause the head to touch the cabinet when the sink bends down and gets up.

If your washbasin has a wide countertop, you can extend the mirror cabinet to the space above the toilet, expanding the visual effect and providing more storage.


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③ medicine cabinet socket:

Remember to reserve sockets for mirror cabinets. We usually charge our electric toothbrushes, razors, hair dryers and other items in the cabinet. If you reserve sockets in mirror cabinets so they will not come into contact with water, you don't have to worry about safety issues.


④ Medicine cabinet lighting:

The lighting of the mirror cabinet is also very important. For daily skincare or makeup, you need to see your face. If the lighting is not enough, it will affect the makeup effect.

Therefore, the most basic thing for the mirror cabinet is to have a mirror headlight or ceiling light, preferably with parallel light, or you can choose to hide the light strip in the mirror cabinet to create the atmosphere of a professional dressing table.


5. How to decorate the mirror


① Mirror + seam pin storage:

If you don't want to set up partitions and niches, you can also use the space to place toiletries, which can be recycled after use, without the trouble of dust accumulation.


② mirror + partition:

If only the bathroom mirror is installed, can the toiletries only be placed on the table? Of course not. For example, using the wall space, and adding a few partitions above the washbasin or toilet for storage, also convenient to access.


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 mirror + niche:

If the side wall of the sink is a non-load-bearing wall, you can also use the decoration method of mirror + niche to facilitate storage and retrieval.

Above are all the methods you can use to take action. Do you like any style? Maybe you have more ideas; please have a comment here; we will also post later. 

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