Bathroom Trends 2022 That You Don’t Want to Miss

  • Mar 17, 2022

Bathroom seems to be the most overlooked space in the home although it is used every day. However, if you are going to bring your restroom a bit of refresh in 2022, we are all for it. Remodeling a bathroom is costly and will bring much inconvenience, but it can make it simpler applying the top bathroom trends 2022.


Here we’d like to share some of the best bathroom ideas 2022 after consulting the foremost bathroom experts.


Top Bathroom Design Trends 2022


1. Bring the Outdoors in

An exponentially growing design trend is bringing the outdoors in since the pandemic started. Bathroom is a room of escaping from other family members, with green plant element, this design can evoke a natural sense of harmony and peace. Potted plants, natural materials and even flamboyant botanical wallpapers would complement an abundance of nature.


green plants


2. Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles is a way to carry off colour in the bathroom. In 2022 it will be more popular to see tile features in the bathroom.Tiling is great way for simple refurbishment. Home interior market shows huge interest in stick-like mosaic tiles and Kit Kat tiles which are predicted to impress much on bathroom design trends 2022. Patterned tiles add depth and texture to bathrooms without competing with other patterns or prints.


patterned tiles


3. Black Accents

Bring your bathroom a sleek and sophisticated finish with black accents and it will not overwhelm the space with too many dark hues, how about start with black faucets and black light fixtures. Black finish is a popular choice in any room, it transcending all styles of interior decor. Contrasting tint with ribbed and opal glass shades will introduce softness, balance out the look and create a perfect blend.


black accents


4. Mixing Old and New

If you are willing to take more risks when it comes to your bathroom design, try old meets new to create something truly unique. Opposite Attract! The secret to making it work is in the mix, such as traditional bath with a modern faucet, or a period faucet with a modern sink. In addition, you can try classic shape with traditional element while paint it with on-trend finish.


period meets modern


5. Stand Alone Bathtub

Spa-like tranquility at home has been significantly important after the stresses of last year. Clean lines, sculptural shapes and aesthetically-pleasing design are the key to statement baths. A stand alone bathtub can create a opulent atmosphere. When choosing a freestanding bathtub, remember to consider both the size of your bathroom and the look you are going to create.


stand alone bathtub


6. Statement Lighting

As living room and bed room lighting take too much attention, bathroom lighting often gets overlooked, but not in 2022! Statement lighting can create the perfect ambiance in your bathroom, which will be another trend we’re going to see in 2022.


statement lighting


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