Everything You Need to Know about Laminated Glass

  • Oct 26, 2021
  • By Getpro Direct

Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass which is produced by combining two or more sheets of glass together with an interlayer of plastic, or polyvinyl butyral (PVB). When broken, laminated glass is still held in place by the interlayer, and its high strength prevents the glass from breaking into large pieces and falling to the floor.


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Laminate glass is basically a glass sandwich, its robust nature and thickness lead it a whole host of benefits:


Block UV: An adequate interlayer of laminated glass can block 99 percent of ultraviolet light transmission.

Sound Insulation: Laminated glass with PVB or EVA interlayer films is able to disrupt sound wave, hence reduce noise pollution and retain calm & comfortable office ambient.

Impact Resistant: Due to its anti-shocking and anti-break-in abilities, laminated glass can resist the penetration of bullets, not to mention impacted by heavy or sharp objects.

Increased Safety: Laminated glass do not shatter when broken due to the adhesive of its high-glue film. The fragmented glass will not hurt people and the surface keeps clean and smooth, thus ensuring human safety.

Available in Various Designs: Laminated safety glass is available in various colors, tints and tones. It can be manufactured straight or curved for versatile appearance.


With so many benefits, laminated glass are commonly applied in modern residential buildings, household decoration such as shower door, and  automobile windshields, etc.


In addition to laminated glass, there is also another choice when selecting safety glass for application, that is tempered glass. As we generally talked about laminated glass above, someone may wonder the difference between laminated glass and tempered glass, here let’s breeze through:


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Tempered glass, or toughened glass, is a type of glass manufactured with thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength, which makes it 4 to 5 times stronger than normal glass, thus more resistant to breakage. However, if tempered glass breaks, it will shatter into small pieces which are more likely to cause injury or damage than laminated glass.


Laminated glass and tempered glass are different in a number of features, we are here to list some of the most distinguished features, which may help you decide which one is right for your home, car, or business.


For strength and impact resistance, tempered glass is the first consideration. However, laminated glass is often the product of choice in terms of versatility in appearance, UV resistance, noise reduction and security.


The application also differs due to their strength difference. Laminated glass windows and doors are essentially for commercial buildings to prevent forced entry and safeguard valuables. Laminated glass with interlayer creates a significant barrier to buglers and attackers. However laminated glass is suitable for skyscrapers and commercial buildings with large windows. Please notice that tempered glass can’t be cut, make sure that all sizing is completed before tempering glass when using tempered glass for a project. Laminated glass can be sized without any issue, which makes a perfect glass decoration inside your home including glass for shower doors or bathtub.



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Due to the complex producing process and material used, laminated glass is slightly expensive than tempered glass of the same type and thickness. Both the tempered glass and laminated glass will provide years of satisfactory service in your household decor or residential building.

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