2022 Ultimate Guide on How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror

  • Nov 22, 2021

A mirror is a must addition in every bathroom. It can not only be used to check your makeup application or handle daily grooming, but also act as a decorating detail that draw a lot of attention in most cases. As they are used every single day, selecting the right mirror for your bathroom is significantly important. We are confident that you'll find this guide helpful in your quest for the perfect bathroom mirror.


Consider Your Bathroom Style


Every bathroom mirror can match with one or more bathroom styles, hence bathroom style must be considered first when choosing the right piece for your bathroom. Every aspect of your bathroom contributes to its overall style including the decor, color, texture, hardware and lighting, etc.


bath room mirror


If you are starting over a remodeling of your bathroom, there is a wide option of decor styles. If you are planning to apply it to an existing style, limited choices of the mirror would stick like a sore thumb in your beautiful bathroom settings you’ve created.


If you have an ideal on mind what style you should opt for, you can go on for other details.


Determine the Right Shape of Bathroom Mirror


The shape of mirror sets the tone for the rest space of your bathroom. Bathroom mirrors come in countless shapes: circle or oval mirrors, square or rectangular mirrors, unique shapes and much more.


cheap bathroom mirror


Round bathroom mirrors are increasingly appealing due to the simple and soft design. What’s more, they take less wall space compared with other sharp line mirrors. Circle mirrors should be an ideal option if you want to expose more of your wall body.


bathroom mirror with light


Square or rectangular mirrors bring broader field of view and add more functionality. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally to accommodate your bathroom decor.


Unique shape bathroom mirrors is a great way to add a statement of bathroom and give the room more character for those homeowners who  would like to show their individuality.


Select the Ideal Size for a Bathroom Mirror


In most cases, the size of a bathroom mirror is determined by the vanity size. Generally, the width of mirrors should be a few inches narrower than that of the vanity. It is suggested that you measure the sink or vanity before purchasing your desired mirror.


Choose a Framed or Frameless Bathroom Mirror?


No matter framed or frameless mirrors, they will draw a dramatic impact on the overall look of your bathroom. Mirror frames can be wood, metal, glass and other materials. A bright color framed mirror will add color to a bathroom. Frameless mirrors are effective to give the illusion of more space.


Where to Buy Your Desired Bathroom Mirror


If you have confidence in your decision and have a budget in mind, shopping online is a great option. Wayfair is an online home store for furniture, home decor and more. You can shop bathroom mirrors here for all styles and budgets. Amazon offers mirror for bathroom, large vanity mirrors for all, and much more choices with free shipping, You can enjoy low prices and great deals on the largest selection.


frameless mirror


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Aug 23, 2022

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