2022 Complete Guide: How to Install A Farmhouse Sink?

  • Feb 19, 2022
  • By Getpro Direct

A farmhouse sink can add elegant style and functionality to a kitchen, however, installing a farmhouse kitchen sink is an involved process, as you do not only need to remove part of the front of cabinet to leave space for the apron front of the new sink, you also need to add a support for bearing the capacity of the sink, and this process is particularly important since the weight of some sink could be up to 300 lbs, hence it requires two person to put the sink into place.


kitchen apronfront sink

How to Install a Farmhouse Sink?


Here I’d like to introduce you how to mount a farmhouse sink, first you need to prepare the following supplies:

  • Fireclay Single Bowl Farmhouse Sink
  • Jigsaw
  • 2 x 4’S
  • Screws
  • Chop Saw


Then just follow the steps below:


Steps to Mount A Farmhouse Sink


Step 1: Review the Instruction Manual


Reviewing the instruction provided by manufacturer first is significantly important in every home remodeling project especially when installing a farmhouse sink as some may include specific instructions or precautions to which you should adhere.


Step 2: Prepare the Area


Remove everything from under your kitchen cabinet, disconnect the fittings and remove water lines, remove cabinet doors drawers and hardware.


Step 3: Build a Support Frame


Most farmhouse kitchen sinks are extremely heavy, the Getpro Fireclay kitchen sink is no exception, around 88lbs weight makes it difficult to handle. You need to cut out a frame of 2x4s to support the weight of the sink and mount it properly.  


Step 4: Cut Your Existing Cabinet Front


It might sound intimidating, but the part is actually super easy. Remove the fake drawer under the sink and measure and mark the cabinet front through which the new farmhouse sink will protrude (allow a 1/4” gap on either side of the sink). There is no need to cut the cabinet perfectly because a trim board will cover up these gaps.

Notice: Remember to double check the measurements before you cut.  



Step 5: Put the Sink in Place


As we mentioned before, now you need a partner to lift up the sink and put it in place gently. Use a level to make sure the apronfront sink is in line and level with the top of the cabinet.


Finish the Installation


Now all left to do is hook up the plumbing and garbage disposal. The installation of your new farmhouse sink is done.


fireclay kitchen sink

Bonus: All You need to Know about Farmhouse Sink


A farmhouse sink is also called a apronfront sink, it is much deeper and wider than an ordinary kitchen sink. With large capacity, it is useful for large families whose kitchen doesn’t include a dishwasher. Features a simple style, it fits in any style of contemporary kitchen.


The sink is the heart of a kitchen, choosing a right sink is particularly important. Farmhouse sink would be the first option of many families for its attractive features, the most important of which is its durability. Fired at a high temperature, the surface of the sink is scratch and stain resistant. Farmhouse sink is sound-dampening, this is another great bonus which would make dish-washing quieter. With a fireclay farmhose sink, you do not need to worry about it will discolor. It will remain bright white over years and is easy to clean, stain resistant and scratch resistant.


kitchen farmhouse sink


Having all these in mind including what is a farmhouse sink and the benefits of having such a sink, you might wonder where to get a quality and affordable kitchen apronfront sink. GetproHome has 3 sizes of sinks available now with up to 20% off. Do not miss this opportunity to refurnish your kitchen.

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